Features & Colors

You can customize your building needs not only with color, but utilizing our state of the art computerized manufacturing facilities we can customize a wide variety of shapes, forms and many different trims & flashings manufactured to exact specifications. No building project is complete until the finishing touches are applied. Flashing and Trims have hems along the exposed edges for safety installation and a neater finished appearance.

  • Durable weather-resistant metal stands up to strong wind, ice, and heavy snow
  • High UL ratings for durability may result in lower insurance rates
  • Will not rot, mildew, warp, split, or crack
  • Termite and pest resistant
  • With proper installation, requires very little maintenance over the building’s life
  • Long lasting roofing and siding carries outstanding limited warranties
  • We use coil stock finished with Valspar Weather X Paint for longevity, endurance and performance.