Here at Schmucker Lumber we offer a variety of panels and colors so that you can get what you want! We have four panel lines along with a standing seam machine and keep 20 different colors in both 29 and 26 ga on hand. We have prompt turn around time of typically 1-2 days so there is no waiting around on your order. If you mess up, come up short or make a change there is no need to wait a couple weeks to get back to your job, as we will help you get back as quickly as possible for what you need. With our sate of the art break we can bend about anything. If you can draw it out we an probably bend it. We even can match old panels that are no longer in production! We take pride in keep the best quality of metal, no seconds, all of our products are a Valspar Weather XL 40yr paint system. Our metal is the heaviest out there with 29 ga being .015 thinkness (about 6% heavier than most places, and can tell the difference when working with it) and 26 ga coming in at .019.

Exposed Fastner Panels:

5-Rib/Ag Panel (available in 29 and 26ga)

Agricultural 5 rib panel is a low rib (3/4″) spaced 9″ on center and 36” coverage ( 38″ overall width), which provides durable performance with an added striation on top of the rib that gives it even more strength. The 5-ribbed panel gives agricultural and light commercial projects, as well as residential roofs, the protection of steel with an attractive appearance and a wide range of attractive colors. Class 90- Uplift test and Class 4 Impact Resistance

All purpose panel that is great for barns and agricultural projects as well a light commercial and residential projects.

agricultural_5ribpanel (1)

Classic/Residential (available in 29 and 26ga)

Our Classic man is a must have for any house! Designed by Bryan Schmucker himself to help give you the look of a standing seam roof but keep your cost down. This panel is avliably with two types of patterns between the main ribs; striations (standard) to give the appreance of standing seam or pencil ribs (two small ribs that sort of matches a Wick/Morton Building). The Classic Rib panel line is ideal for residential housing. Classic Rib has 1.125” v- shaped ribs spaced 11.5” on center with a 34.5” overall coverage. Class 90- Uplift test and Class 4 Impact Resistance

R-Panel/PBR (26ga only)
R-Panel is also available and it’s multi-use wall and roof panel is an excellent choice in pre-engineered metal building applications. R-Panel has 1.25″ high ribs spaced 12″ on center with a 38″ overall width. Class 90-Uplift test and Class 4 Impact Resistance.


Dutch Lap Siding (26ga recommended but available in 29 as well)
The new jewel of the metal panel and siding world! No more having to worry about damage to vinyl, the up keep of wood, or the cost of some other materials. You can have it all with our newly designed Dutch Lap Panel. Designed to run horizontally it has the look of an 8” Dutch lap siding with the strength and durability of metal with little to no splicing. It covers 36” and make a great look for any house, garage or even a barn. This product is designed for walls and siding only.

Hidden Fastener
Standing Seam (Snap-Lock)
The standing seem is an elegant and classy that is sure to enhance the roofline of any architectural style. It is a hidden fastener system that snaps overlaps and snaps together with the screws underneath the panel. It comes in both 12” and 16’ coverages.


With our state of the art, computerized break and preformed machines we can cater to all your needs. We can quickly run your standard trims and bend up your specialty trims. All you need to do is let us know what you want, or can draw it out (or bring out a sample and we can match it). Using our performed break machines we also can mass produce pieces quickly and efficiently every time. With these capabilies virtually any piece is possible. If you don’t know exactly want you want with our expertise we will try to get the best piece for you to make sure it fits. We will assist you also by keeping labor cost and time down by minimizing splicing and waste by running trims in different lengths (8’-21’). We can also combine two pieces of trim into one to save you time and a seem as well!
(picture/link to trim page MAYBE have it off to the side towards top)

If you are in need of soffit we have it for you! We can run triple 4 (12”) or quad 4 (16”) soffits that can be either solid (smooth) or vented. We can run them up longer lengths for porches so there is not splices in either 29ga or 26ga if you want the extra strength. We also offer other types osoffits as well depending on what you are looking for.

If you need the job finished for some gutter, we can come to the job site and roll off some guttering for you. We have a portable residential gutting machine for a house or if you have a shed/building we can match anybody’s style of gutter to finish the job off for you.

We are you one stop shop for all the accessories that you will need to finish the job and get your building/roof sealed.

  • Color Matching Screws in two different Head styles (Hex and Torx: great for residential) and in both wood grip and metal self taping
  • Silicon based pipe boots that will flex over a rib ranging from 1”-20”
  • Also a retro fit boot that ties on the side, great for powerlines or other pesky pipes
  • Vent Ridge Closures
  • Foam Closures that match our panels (inside and outside)
  • Expand Foam
  • Butyl Tape
  • Silicone and Color Matching Caulk
  • Touch Up Pens
  • Snow Guards
  • And much much more!