Solar Pumps

solar pumpIf you have a well you’re not using, and need to expand your pasture’s horizons, call us with your well specifications, as well as the number of cow-calf pairs you’re watering. We’ll let you know what it will take to keep your thirsty cows happy.

Discover a more effective, dependable and cost efficient alternative… Solar Powered Pumps!

Farmers, Ranchers and Homeowners can use these affordable and dependable alternatives to offset the ever increasing costs of purchasing and maintaining conventional windmill and gasoline generator powered water delivery systems for remote water applications.

Remote Villages, Homes, Cabins and Hunting Lodges
Irrigation for remote orchards, gardens, and greenhouses
Wildlife watering at wild game parks and farms
Fish pond water level maintenance and aeration
Surface water pumping for landscaping streams and waterfalls
Cattle / Livestock watering systems
We stock the following brands of solar pump systems:

Robison Solar Systems:
Robison Solar Systems has been manufacturing solar powered water pumping systems since January 1988. Their systems are most commonly used in remote locations as an alternative to windmills or running power lines. Visit the website at

Grundfos system size requirements are determined by a software program provided by Grundfos to their pump dealers. Being designed for continuous as well as intermittent operation the SQFlex systems are especially suitable for water supply applications in remote locations such as: watering of cattle, irrigation of fields and greenhouses; conservation areas, surface water pumping.

Solar pumping systems work anywhere the sun shines. Solar water pumping systems have many advantages over windmill water pumpers. Windmills must be used where there is a steady, constant wind for maximum results while solar pumps operate anywhere the sun shines. One of the advantages of providing additional sources of water for livestock use is increased forage utilization. On large tracts some areas are not fully utilized because they are too far from water. As you know, livestock will only travel so far between feed and water. The economy and reliability of solar electric power make it